Caroline Ty mixes a dizzy infusion of Nu-jazz, dub bass, old skool funky beats and haunting strings with confessional and sometimes richly dark ironic lyrics all sung in a bluesy mezzo

'Ty operates largely in a category of her own...her voice has a bold, post-punk quality...there is a mischievous melodrama...which cannot fail to captivate'.
David Burke, Music Review Unsigned




New song/video 

Cuban influenced, and with Bossa flavours, a new lyric video for 'The Tree', from the forthcoming EP due for release Spring 2021

'we’ve not quite worked out what Caroline Ty is except for awesome'
Cofiradio April 2014

‘…has the low end groove that your bass woofer would crave…
very experimental and definitely has an original flare to it’.
Music Review Unsigned

‘demonstrates Caroline's unique vocal…
This record gets better the further you get through it’.
The Mag


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