‘if Nick Cave was a lady……and was a fan of jazz music, then he'd be a little bit like Caroline Ty…..exotic rhythms and big vocals, crashing in waves against a pebbly beach of contemporary lyrics and new-wave poetry’. The Mag
London born Caroline Ty is a songwriting fusion of electronic and organic, classically trained and with a bluesy melodrama.  A musical cocktail of fat funky beats, sweeping strings, electronica and expressive, confessional lyrics producing music you can dance to, but with a dark undertone somewhere in the chord changes, as if not all is well at the party.

Far away percussion and spacey synths play host to a woozily seductive vocal. As everything goes off at odd angles, there’s something strangely obsessive about Caroline’s declarations of devotion. Like a stalker. But a stalker you’d say hello to’.

Sometimes purring gently with chocolaty dark tales of love and sometimes swiping a cheeky paw at celebrity obsession.  An observation of human nature and a commentary on the absurd world we have built ourselves, a world filled with a political zeitgeist of money grabbing, deception and broken promises.  Self-penned, produced and released with a spirit of independence.   Kent based, working with collaborators in Brighton and London.

'Ty operates largely in a category of her own...her voice has a bold, post-punk quality...there is a mischievous melodrama...which cannot fail to captivate'.
David Burke, Music Review Unsigned