1. Brighter Day

Life’s struggles are played out in a literal boxing ring in ‘Brighter Day’, and fights are won with manipulation, rather than just with flying fists.


Brighter Day

Not conscious
Passed out in the ring
Face on canvas
Floored by the swing
You see flecks spring out of dark
There is joy, a tiny spark

Brighter day, brighter day
After all the rain
Light is on its way
There will be a brighter day, brighter day
Light is on its way
On its way

No mind mince
Grinding down all our hope
No cold mouth rinse
As we lean on the ropes
I check hook your right cross
And we move with a different ethos

So, my love don’t glove up for a fight
We won’t feel the sting
Let’s jump up and begin
With no fear of losing everything
There are no more battles for us to win